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Website development and support

We are capable of developing a website of any complexity level: from a typical sales page to a large-scale service.

Web analytics and usability analysis

Increase of traffic to a website is pivotal. However, it’s also important to define whether it brings you any purchase orders. And, if it does, what is the cost per one acquired order? If you have an extremely low conversion on your website, then, you may need to audit your website usability which will help to unveil any user interface problems.

Interface design

Prior to the start of the project design, a complete inventory of the project shall be made up and also possible user behavior scenarios shall be analyzed. The prototype shall also account for marketing. The interface designer will then deal with a fully functional prototype, yet within the specified constraints.

Project documentation and requirements specifications development

To provide a relative work procedure and a well-thought-out structure for your project the scope of the upcoming work shall be thoroughly planned and described. For this purpose a requirements specification shall be developed.

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