Outstaffing or Full-time option.

This option is the best bet for those Customers who want to enlarge their own staff, or have to deal with a labor-intensive development project. An allocated specialist will provide service only to one client, and the Customer himself will be responsible for the timely statement of problems and their priority management during the whole period of work of the outstaffed specialist. Given that Full-time option means stable payments from the Customer within the outstaffing period and also that Customer takes a risk in case of downtime, the Full-time option makes a specialist’s working hour far less expensive for the Customer. Minimal outstaffing period is 2 weeks.

Our benefits:

 We offer the most appropriate specialist in terms of deadlines and requirements.  
 We may promptly replace a specialist without loss of quality in case of force-majeure.
 The outstaffing period may be prolonged up to 1 week without the need for any additional request.

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