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About Us

Programming Store’s main activities include professional development and adaptation of software. We focus on regional outsourcing of development and modification of Russian and world top EPR-systems, as well as on custom software development. Our aim is to provide maximal efficiency for the Client in short time and on a limited resource base through involvement of highly skilled professionals and using state-of-the-art project management system. Our Development Center is located in the region of Russia (Izhevsk) allowing us to markedly reduce the Client’s expenses on software development as compared to involvement of the Client’s own specialists.

Currently, out staff is totaling over 80 employees and we are ready to solve any complex tasks in the following fields:

  • Development and modification of Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions

  • Development and modification of 1C: Eneterprise 8 solutions

  • Development of QlikView Business Intelligence systems

  • Development and modification of ECM Directum solutions

  • Custom development of software for mobile devices

  • Web applications custom design



The hands-on experience of our leading developers in customization and modification of EPR solutions is about 10 years. We have succeeded in gaining a vast experience in development of complex systems and multiple dedicated solutions in the following fields:

  • Logistics

  • Finance

  • Retail

  • Regulatory accounting

  • Manufacturing

  • WMS

  • Wages

  • Personnel

  • IS integration

We have a proven track record in EPR-systems integration in major industry and trade companies numbering up to 500 employees.

Our custom software experience and capabilities allow us coping with a great number of tasks - from development of business systems to designing websites and game apps.

We are capable of joining a software development project at any project stage – from outlining a concept to delivery of an end-product.

Cooperation options

In cooperation with our clients we strive for stable, long-term and mutually benefit relations which are the key point for us. We offer the most effective cooperation alternatives. You may select the option which suits you best and allows using our joint resources most reasonably and efficiently.


We provide:

Competitive development costs. Our headquarters is located outside Moscow, therefore we offer prices two- or three times less than that of Moscow companies. Dealing with an outsourcing company you may cut your costs in searching and training of personnel, workplace arrangement and tax payments.

Responsibility. We’ve been the IT-market players for more than 5 years and our staff accounts for over 80 certified employees with all financial and reputation accountability followed.

Quality. Our work strategy provides for a three-level testing of every task prior to its acceptance by the Client. Additionally, the Service Agreement envisages a warranty period for the works performed. To facilitate the post-sales support all products are developed using the world’s recognized and up-to-date practices.

Reliability. Every performed task is monitored on a daily basis. To ensure the project delivered on time we are capable of involving our extra staff, if required.

Confidentiality. With every Client we conclude a Confidentiality Agreement which warrants nondisclosure of his trade secrets.

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